Of Sound Mind & Memory EP in Cornflower (with Track Commentaries)


FREE Of Sound Mind & Memory Scarlet pin for all December 2017 orders!

My surprise EP, Of Sound Mind & Memory, was digitally released on Spotify last April 30, 2017. However, I have a great love for things that I can hold & I have dearly wanted to produce a physical edition of this EP. After months of thinking about it, we finally went for it! Produced just in time for the holiday season!

This EP comes in two colors: Scarlet (Red) and Cornflower (Blue).

Both CDs feature the exact same tracklist:

  • Aristophanes
  • Machines & Men
  • For the Fickle
  • Wildwood


  • The Story Behind the EP Commentary
  • Aristophanes Commentary
  • Machines & Men Commentary
  • For the Fickle Commentary
  • Wildwood Commentary

Gift this to your friend, your loved one, or even yourself! 😉

(P.S. I’m keeping a tally for which color is more popular haha! Tweet me @reeseypeasy and let me know which color you like more!)