In Case You Come Back (Poetry Book)


A poetry collection written by Reese Lansangan and Marla Miniano, with lovely illustrations from Jamie Catt.

This book of poetry contains musings on: adventure, anniversaries, the beach, breakfast, childhood, clouds, constellations, courage, delayed gratifications, dragonflies, eating alone, falling in love, first dates, frenemies, goodbyes, growing up, half-truths, heartbreak, holding hands, homecomings, insecurities that follow you around, the internet, jealousy, kisses, marshmallows, memory, mornings, mortality, newsletters, opposites, paper cuts, pixie dust, plane crashes, popularity, queues, rain, report cards, room service, science, a sea of coffee, shipwrecks, sick days, souvenirs, space, tattoos, tense lunches with mom, trains, travel, waiting, weekends, white dresses, yoga.

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