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Care Bracelets Set (DIY Kit)


The Care Bracelets DIY Kit is part of the official Camp Week Materials list.
As of Dec 4, the bracelets will come in a random set of 4 from all Curiosities 🙂

Do-it-yourself beaded bracelet kits to adorn your wrists. Just a gentle reminder from your respective curiosities to keep blooming, keeping, healing, and growing. I picked the bead colors and bracelet designs to match their respective anthems.

Each set has 4 pre-packed bracelet kits. Each kit makes one bracelet or approximately 3 rings. You can order as many sets as you want!

TMI: this is the most laborious physical thing I have ever done for this entire album rollout. My bright idea was to count all the beads one by one by myself, measure the nylon, cut, then pack them into individual bags. Every single night, my back has been hunched trying to count these beads (in 30 different assortments) so you could experience this simple kind of magic. I don’t think I’ll be able to physically handle a restock in my lifetime so PLEASE! Take them!!! Enjoy!

Note: nylon length and bead count both have allowance to accommodate everyone

Photos by Denice Lansangan

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