This Starter pack is for anyone who has missed out on the first edition of Arigato, Internet! Lucky for you, this repackaged version has 7 MORE tracks than the original! Give this to yourself this Christmas, or give this to a friend who might not be familiar with the local indie scene! Hopefully this will be the perfect introduction! These packages will only be available until December 31, 2016. After which, the items can still be purchased individually, but for their original prices. So make sure you grab this package while it’s here! This is my Christmas gift to you <3

Note: The Starter, Booster, and Ultimate packages are no longer available, but items can still be purchased individually 🙂



  • Arigato, Internet! (Domo Arigato 18 track Edition)
  • Arigato, Internet! sticker sheet
  • Grammar Patrol pin badge
  • Lyric Board of your choice
  • Signed Arigato, Internet! postcard (can be personalized if you order before Dec 15)
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Lyric Board

Creeper, Grammar Patrol, Their They're There